Amnesty 4 Boko Haram, Immunity 4 Killer Herdsmen, but their victims dey suffer 4 IDP Camps

Next Level; Abi ? Boko Haram Kill Pastor & Student , impregnated leah sharibu Ijoba Sâkàmàjè promised change !!!!!! Four years later No change (money) in the pockets of Nigerians. Now it’s next Level and the level of hunger, death just dey increase like no man’s business. It’s shocking and embarrassing to hear in the news that Leah Sharibu gave birth to a baby boy. If Leah is not the Holly Mary of our time, so who is the father of the boy . Also is a young girl kidnapped against her will got pregnant in Boko Haram camp?, that mean she must have been raped several times. Who knows if na three some or six some Dem dey use the poor girl do there. President Buhari pls ni tori Olorun free Leah Sharibu, is na Ransom borrow money as usual pay. Do you In search of solution to our problems in Nigeria, it’s a pity we found a calamity called Buhari thinks Only God can make us survive this next three years of Next Evil. All over the world they safer nature disasters just like what China is passing through currently, that horrible virus. I don forget the name self ……. Hmmm ….. Anyways Naija is the most blessed Nation I even seen but our Rulers are our own natural and permanent disaster. Free Leah Sharibu

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