If you Tanko us we go Odili una, game on…..

Oshiomole crying over Bayelsa Verdict

The Deputy Governorship candidate of APC provided and submitted the following educational Certificate to INEC .

1 1976  Primary School Certificate as Degi Biobaragha.

2. 1984 WAEC school Certificate as Adegi Biobakumo.

3. In 1990 University first degree Certificate as Degi Biobarakuma.

4. In the year 2002 in University MBA as Degi Biobarakuma Wangagha.

5. In 2018 and 2019 INEC Forms CF001 as Biobarakuma Degi-Eremiwenyo.

We all can  see the confusion above, next time okmlonah.com advise Nigerian polítians to adopt Buhaffidavit theory . Present your Primary School Certificate Only and get an affidavit for others just like General Buhari shikena.

Okmlonah.com sympathize with David Lyon because the loop hole is not from him but his careless Deputy . They people of Bayelsa should keep calm and wait for the next election, Democracy is not in danger just like it happened in IMO State. Burning of state properties such as Bayelsa Radio station is highly condemnable.

Finally Buhari Hailers should note ” if you Tanko us we go Odilli una, game on…..

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