A man of integrity would have used this Oil crash to fulfill his campaign promise

President muhammadu Buhari met fuel price at #87 per litre , pls Sai baba kindly take us back to Egypt.
This new price regime of #130 is laughable! it’s not proportional to the current slash in crude oil price of $26 per barrel . Okmlonah.com will give the credit to Former Vice president Atiku Abubarka and other well meaning Nigerians, who force president Buhari to reluctantly do this .

Apart from the shady promises made by buhari and his pastor cohort, Do we all remember that buhari wore clean blazer suits during his campaign ?? Now he has reverted back to the man he truly is..do we all agree as nigerians that we were scammed.

Buhari promised to make 1$ equal 1Naira, but Now our foreign debt Equals $112billion from $35bn


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