E-money? How did he make his fortune? And was he always as rich as he is now?

E-money is one of the most popular requests on the Internet. And no wonder: people want to know how he made such a fortune! He used to be an ordinary man who was trying to make his ends meet, but today we know him as one of the wealthiest tycoons in Nigeria. If you want to learn what his success secret is, then read on and get inspired with his amazing example.

But first, let’s clarify who this man is for those of you who have no idea who stands behind E-money nickname.

After we had gathered all the information from the net, we realised that there was so much data shared about E-money by people who admired him! But we will try our best to put it short.

E-money is a nickname of Emeka Okonkwo. He was born on February 18, 1981. He is only thirty-six which is pretty young for the success of that size. The nickname E-money came to him after he started throwing money and demonstrating what a luxurious life he had. Some other people even call him Arabic money for his extreme generosity.

He has nothing to do with Nollywood, though he is in show business. We know he owns Five Star music which we will talk about later. He is the younger brother of a Nigerian celebrity we know as Kingsley Okonkwo (or Kcee as some people call him), who is a Nigerian singer and a performer.

By the way, it is interesting that the latter has signed a contract to record his music at E-money’s studio which is kind of interesting.

E-money claim to fame

The rumours had it that years ago E-money had no money whatsoever. He had hard times trying to make a living. This has been particularly obvious after he got married and had no money to take his wife back home. He was desperate but still never lost faith that one day he would make it in show business where his older brother was already cracking his way.

His first big contract was only signed after he got married to a beautiful woman named Juliet who agreed to become his wife despite all the financial issue he had at the moment.

E-money and his wife-to-be met when they were young and full of energy (which they still hae). They became friends first, and Juliet always found his crazy ideas and entrepreneurial spirit amusing and had faith in him becoming a successful perormer one day.

She met him during the toughest times (financially). E-money says: “When we met, I was a young man who was struggling to make ends meet and she was equally very young. She was in her sophomore year at the University. Because she was my first girlfriend and the first woman I ever loved, I remained faithful to her.

I was looking for a God-fearing lady who wasn’t excessively concerned with material possessions and who I could plan a future with. Fortunately, I found those qualities in her.

Even though I lived in Ajegunle, with my brothers at that time, she visited me on several occasions. I remember that on one of those occasions, she fell into a gutter in a flooded street”.

Juliet remembers that “When we started dating, my friends were surprised that I sidestepped all the rich guys in Lekki, where I was resident for a man who lived in Ajegunle, but I was not bothered. I looked forward to getting a good job upon my graduation from the University. He didn’t even have enough money to take us back to Lagos after our traditional marriage. KCee was the one who lent me N20,000. I used it to pay our fare in Lagos.”

It was on their way to Lagos when E-money received a call which changed his whole life. Here is what he remembers about that day:

“We were on our way to Lagos when I received a phone call informing me that I had been awarded a $2m contract and that is how our lives changed forever.

After we have discussed E-money’s biography, let’s see how much he owns. The estimated numbers show us that he has at least 1.5 billion Naira at his disposal, which makes him one of the key players of the Nigerian economy.

Even though he is mostly associated with Five Star music record label, that is not his only source of income. However, it is a huge deal to record artists’ songs. Among them are KCee, Harry song, and Skibi. Besides, thanks to this business he has recently gotten a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter which could not but cost him at least a couple of million Naira.

He also gave luxury cars to his family and friends as gifts. And he is also known for having a money spraying machine. And we are not talking figuratively here. People noticed that at a few public events he got a special gun which could spray money. That was so impressive that the news went viral on the Internet.

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