10 Expensive Cars Kanye West Keeps In His Garage (And 10 Kim Kardashian Put There)

Kanye West has built a great car collection over the years, and Kim Kardashian has only added to that with her own cars
The Kardashian family is one of the world’s modern versions of the Brady Bunch, but theirs is one that may not go out of the limelight and out of the attention of the media anytime soon, so we’re basically stuck with them, lol as posted by hot cars .Either way, they still continue to thrive and add on to their already fat bank accounts and their palatial homes.

One thing that’s very obvious about them is their love for cars – and more cars – but they’re not your ordinary beaters and sleepers or modded cheap rides; they go for luxury, and they know how to pick out the best ones.

With the addition of famous rapper Kanye West to the family by way of marriage to renowned socialite Kim Kardashian, the car collection probably just got even bigger and more expensive. When you put this power couple together and just go through their garage, their car collection alone, without their earnings and cash stashed away in their accounts, is enough for you to live on for a lifetime – it’s mind-blowing! Kanye clearly goes for the exotic supercars, while Kim has a mix of classic luxury vehicles, though she gets them customized by her favourite Platinum Motorsport.

From Lamborghinis to Ferraris to Rolls-Royces, and even a G-Wagon, the West couple is definitely one of the richest pairs to watch, and Hollywood paparazzi know that all too well. Take a look at the 10 cars Kanye West has stashed in his garage and 10 that Kim Kardashian will more often be see….

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