Beware of Fraudulent Car Dealers in Lagos

People of God Please beware of HushDealers in town. They are not trustworthy even though they look responsible. This is a personal experience and I will like to share this with you.
Ordinary I wanted this to go but Taiwo Olorunisola said I should do my worst! dares go to newspapers if I want.

I got a client interested in buying a particular Naija used tinny light Camry car in Abule Egba. Owner’s price was 400k and we sold the car for 480k. Initially the buyer wanted to but for 450k and the deal was closed. (CarBlogger) was not at the scene of transaction so Mr Taiwo called that the deal was off. I said no Wahala! Alas !!! The buyer later came back paid the initial 480k and Mr Hush Taiwo kept mute.

Later the Buyer called us that payment has been made which Mr Hush Taiwo also confirm.
For 3days after payment has been made our commission has been hanging. Please tell Me Hush Taiwo Olorunisola to bring back our money.
In conclusion car dealers doing Business with this guy and his likes are doing so to their detriment

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How I fell into victim of a car scam in Nigeria

I hope that you all get out of this learning something about spending our money and how we could do to protect ourselves.
This all starts with the company named OLX. It’s a company located in NYC and also Buenos Aires in Argentina and their business model is similar to that of eBay, meaning people can go there and sell or buy goods online. And if you don’t know about eBay, it’s where you can browse the goods, choose the one you prefer and contact that vendor to make the buying decision. The process applies to selling process too. All in all, the platform itself is truly a good site. Some people online, sadly Nigerians in this case, however, are not as that good. They make a living by scamming others, setting up traps and waiting for the “human prey” to fall in.
So I was scrolling down all the …
So I was scrolling down all the listings, and suddenly I came across a Toyota Rav 4 2006. It was relatively new and sold for only N1,000,000. The car and its price are so tempting but there’s only one downside that it is not really near me, at the Seme Border. In fact, that didn’t stop me from calling the owner James and expressed my interest to purchase his car.

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